Your Vision Needs a Home

Access to mentors, funders, builders and business leaders. Your own desk with a kickass view of the Little Sioux River. Free attendance to StartupCity Spencer events. These are just a few perks of having a workspace at StartupCity Spencer.

The Motivation to Help Entrepreneurs

StartupCity Spencer is an early stage business incubator. This means that we provide a safe, nurturing environment for businesses that are just getting off the ground – delivering assistance and resources to pre-market, pre-money, pre-employee businesses (aka “startups”).

The bottom line: On a local, regional and national level, startups are needed to inject fresh ideas, innovation, products and jobs into the economy. Our goal is to help Northwest Iowa startups get the best start possible, so that they can help change our corner of the world.

How it All Works

Understanding that startups often don’t have a lot of initial capital (or cash in the bank), we want to help make it easy to get started. Therefore, we will give you resources, connections and a workspace at StartupCity that you can come and go from as you please. We are a friendly allegiance and community that doesn’t make you sacrifice your independence, goals, vision or self-reliance.

Once we receive your application, we will devote attention to the data in the form. If the idea seems promising for our portfolio, we will schedule a conversation with you to briefly validate your idea one-on-one. From there, you’ll be invited to meet the StartupCity team to present your idea and answer questions. This isn’t a pitch to a venture capitalist, it isn’t a job interview, and it certainly isn’t a sales pitch. We just want to know why you believe in the idea and why you are uniquely positioned to take it to the world. We aren’t here to steal your idea but rather help you develop it.

The only costs of working within the community are the sharing of a sliver of equity in your company and paying your share of the utilities.

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